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Earth Animal

EA Tenders-1

Earth Animal Chicken Tenders - 4 oz.


All Natural Chicken Strip Treats 8oz.

Earth Animal's Chicken Strips are Made with Free Range, American Chicken and Cooked in a USDA Approved and Inspected Facility. They are tasty and delicious. They are simple in ingredients, only the purest and best quality chicken for our pups!

You can truly feel good about giving these chicken strips to your dog, once you open the bag- the aroma and quality is unsurpassed!! TRIED AND TESTED by many happy dogs. Two Paws Up- Way Up!
High in Protein, Low in Fat
Grain and Carb Free
Sugar and Salt Free
Hormone, Antibiotic & Steroid Free
Sourced and Made in The USA
Palatability Rating Excellent! 

Plain Active Ingredients Chicken, USA

Fresh Active Ingredients Chicken, USA, Mint, USA, Parsley, United Kingdom

Mellow Active Ingredients Chicken, USA, Lavender, Bulgaria, Chamomile, Egypt

Flex Active Ingredients Chicken, USA, Alfalfa, USA, Turmeric, China

Shine Active Ingredients Chicken, USA, Licorice, China, Dandelion, Eastern Europe 

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