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Oscar Newman


Tranquility Magnetic Therapeutic Dog Necklace


The Oscar Newman Tranquility Magnetic Therapeutic dog necklace is a soothing design featuring pale blue and Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals, set with sterling silver Bali beads and magnetic hematite beads. Magnetic jewelry and magnetic therapy (biomagnetics) have long been known to improve general feelings of well-being, improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation and swelling, strengthen the immune system, and provide pain relief.

**CAUTION: Magnetic beads should not be worn with a pacemaker. Keep away from small children. Never leave your pet unattended when wearing any jewelry or accessories.

These unique dog necklaces are intricately hand-made, and are not mass-produced. Limited quantities are produced at a time for high quality, irresistible elegance and fabulous detailing in every individually hand-embellished creation. 

Each piece comes in an embroidered satin pouch. Oscar Newman jewelry is carefully hand crafted by jewelry designer Carmina O'Connor. 

Jewelry Care 

All Oscar Newman jewelry is made with Swarovski crystals and sterling silver components. As with all jewelry, you should treat your items with care. 

Jewelry should be stored inside a jewelry box or bag to minimize the need for cleaning. Sterling silver will tarnish or oxidize when not worn and exposed to air. Polish the sterling silver components with a silver cleaning cloth and they will regain their brilliance. 

Wearing Jewelry 

Pet accessories and jewelry are for adornment purposes only. Oscar Newman necklaces should not be used as a restraint or as an attachment for a leash. 

Magnetic beads should not be worn with a pacemaker and should be kept away from small children. 

Some pets naturally accept jewelry and other accessories, while some pets might need time becoming accustomed to wearing them. Do not leave your pet unattended and always supervise your pet when wearing any accessories. 

If your pet displays stubborn behavior, walks funny or tries to remove or chew any accessories, be patient and gently praise and distract your pet. For extremely stubborn pets, a drop of Bitter Apple on the accessory will help discourage chewing. Allow your pet to wear the accessory for at least 30 minutes to an hour each day until he or she becomes accustomed to the accessory.

 Soon your pet will love wearing and showing off his/her jewelry! 

**This is a custom made item and made upon order.  No exchanges, returns or refunds accepted.  Please check sizing carefully.** 

Please allow 3 - 6 weeks for delivery.