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West Paw Design


West Paw Glow in the Dark Zisc


the West Paw Glow in the Dark Zisc Dog Frisbee Toy is a high-flying, human-hand-friendly frisbee for dogs is lightweight yet tough. Gentle on dog's mouthes, Zisc is soft, pliable, floatable and flies far. With its curled in edges, Zisc is easy to grip for both humans and dogs. Perfect for fetch and tug-o-war. Forgot your dog's water or food bowl? Simply flip Zisc over - it doubles as a travel bowl.

Glow in the dark durable dog Frisbee provides long-lasting fun without the sun! Place Zisc® Glow dog Frisbee under a light for only 5 minutes and have some fun from dusk till dawn.

Dog owners will love that Zisc is:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Latex-free
  • FDA-compliant (meaning it's safe to eat off of)
  • Love It Guarantee™
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Sizes: Mini measures 6.5" in diameter. Large measures 8.5" in diameter. 

More reasons to love this toy: 100% recyclable, Made in the USA, Guaranteed Tough, Dishwasher Safe.

West Paw guarantees every product they manufacturer in Montana – that’s all of them.  If you are unhappy with the performance of a West Paw product, send it to them (instructions on packaging) and they will replace it or give you a refund!  

Please remember your dog’s safety is your responsibility. No dog toy is indestructible. Choose only toys that are the appropriate shape and size for your dog and always supervise your dog’s use of toy. If your dog is one of the few that can damage one of our tough Zogoflex toys, please discontinue use of the toy immediately and take advantage of West Paw's Love It Guarantee™.(See packaging for details)

Availability: Usually ships in 7-14 business days.