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November 04, 2021

Looking after your dog’s health is important for any dog owner but one of the things that might not always be considered is topical balm. Topical balm can have many beneficial uses when it comes to your dog’s health, from their paws to their noses. With that being said, here are some of the benefits that come with using topical balm on your pets.

Protects your dog’s paws

Even though your dog’s paws are made out of tough skin, it’s not invincible. That’s why it’s always important to assess scenarios where they might be walking outside in hot weather, freezing temperatures, along pavements or somewhere that’s likely to have dangerous materials, like glass for example, laying around.

With these types of activities a topical balm can be helpful if and when your dog’s paws get burned, chapped, or cut or grazed. It can help soothe irritation that will often come with burnt or chapped paw pads. The moisturiser can really be worth having during the height of summer and to help defend the paws against the toughest terrain.


There are many allergies that dogs can have, just like us humans. The same can go for seasonal allergies that are usually apparent in the spring and summer time. So with that being said, if you find a change in your dog’s skin or paws, then it might be that they’ve got allergies that need some attention. Skin allergies can affect plenty of dogs and the allergy itself can come out in different ways.

It’s worth looking out for signs of itchy skin. A good indication to look out for when it comes to allergies is if the dog is licking its paws.

Dry Noses

Even though a wet nose is a sign of a healthy dog, a dry nose doesn’t always mean that your dog is unhealthy. However, it could be that the dog has an allergy perhaps due to something that they’ve eaten or due to environmental factors like allergies for example or dehydration perhaps.

Topical balms are great for applying to the nose in order to help hydrate this area and relieve any soreness that your dog may be feeling. No dog owner wants to see their dog in pain, so this is a balm that can really provide some relief for them.

Everyday use

It’s fascinating just how resilient dogs can be and how good they are at avoiding illness or harm. However, there may be times where you feel like their skin needs a bit of hydration or their paw pads are looking a little sore; this balm can be great for helping in everyday scenarios. It can also help with pet aches and pains as well as arthritis in dogs.

If you haven’t already tried a topical balm for your dog, then now is certainly the right time to do so!