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November 16, 2021

We all love our pets. They have their own personalities and traits, and have no problem soaking up all of the attention as they enter a room. Our pets share a lot of things in common with us, including their interests. But hey, how can EVERYONE know that your cat's favorite flower is roses, or that your dog snuggled up to watch every episode of Game of Thrones with you?

Showing your (and your pet's) personality and preferences through dog and cat accessories is a great way to show off the fact that you and your pet are on the same page regarding just about everything. This is your ultimate guide for selecting pet apparel for your furry friend.

Ways Bring Out Your Pet’s Personality

Reflecting your pet's personality with their neckwear is key! If you want to show that your cat is a dainty princess, use pastel colors and feminine items on the collar, such as bows or jewels. If you want to show that your dog is exceptionally tough, consider using leather-studded collars for a more edgy look.

1.  Support Your Favorite Sports Team

Pet neckwear is an amazing way to show your favorite things off, with your pet as a model. For example, if you love a certain sports team, it can be a really fun idea to consider that when choosing pet apparel. Not only do items related to your favorite things help you show your pride, but they can also be great conversation starters!


(Image Credit: DogGone Cute)

2.  A Few of Your Favorite Things

Not an avid sports fan? That's totally okay! Many companies have a myriad of ways to showcase your favorite things in life. A rather simple idea can be to pick your favorite flower as a pet neckwear design. This adds such a fun and dainty look to any cat or dog.

3.  Themed Collars

It's best to keep dog and cat accessories current. For example, wearing an orange collar with autumn leaves is a great choice for fall, but is less than necessary in spring. Themed collars are definitely great, but be sure to keep up with the times. Next, try to incorporate things that you love in your pet's apparel (don't worry, they probably love those things just as much as you do).

4.  Quirky and Fun

While we're at it, why only stop at pet neckwear? Nothing says "I'm quirky and fun" like a dog in a raincoat (fashionable and functional) or a cat in a tutu (ok, maybe just fashionable, but who's saying that your cat won't be the next principal dancer at the American Ballet Theatre?).


(Image Credit: Summeridge)

All in all, pet accessories are THE WAY to go in order to show off both you and your pet's personalities. Don't get caught with a simple blue nylon collar (unless you like it that way). With all this in mind, the options for your (and your pet's) self-expression are limitless!           

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