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November 14, 2021

Many pet owners feel that their dog is their baby, part of the family. And feeding them, driving them to the vet, and buying them pet pajamas is all part of the pet's care. Dog pajamas provide comfort and warmth for a dog who doesn’t enjoy an overly thick coat, has sensitive skin, needs to calm pet anxiety or for a pet that is not feeling well and needs some security. Some dogs do not have "fur," and they should wear a comfy set of pajamas to protect them from over-drying.

Dog pajamas come in all sizes, and just like people's pajamas, pet pajamas are not "one size fits all." Even animal pajamas come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. To avoid the frustration of purchasing pajamas in the wrong size and having to take them back, it is a good idea to take time with your dog and do some measuring for pajamas.

Choosing the right size is important, and getting the right size means you need to measure several parts of your dog. These parts are the length of your dog, the size of their waist, and the chest and neck circumference.

After your dog has worn their pajamas for a couple of days, check around their neck and under their pits to see if any tightness, hair loss, or redness is developing. This is a sign the clothes are too restrictive and they may need a larger size.

(Image Credit: My Pet Needs That)

Here is a Good Guide for Measuring for Pajamas

Use a dressmaker or fabric tape measure that is used in sewing. You will also need your dog and a bag of treats.

Back or Topline:

  • Use a tape measure.
  • Have your dog stand.
  • Measure along the top of the spine.
  • Start at the base of the tail and measure to the edge of the neck.
  • Do not include the tail in measurements.

You can adjust measurements of the pajamas you are buying that do not have a cut out for the groin and belly for a male dog. Shorten the length a bit to minimize the chances your dog will urinate on the animal pajamas.

Chest Girth:

The circumference of the chest is important since it is the largest part of your dog.

  • Measure all around the biggest part of the rib cage. The largest part to measure begins just following the front legs.
  • Measure while your dog is standing.
  • Add two inches to your measuring to keep the pajamas you purchase from being too tight.
  • Choose a larger size if you find your dog is not exactly the size on the pajama package.

Neck Measurement:

The neck measurement is where you place their collar or the perimeter of your dog's neck.

  • Measure from the dogs' withers, or the ridge between the shoulder blades, to the top of the chest.
  • Measure all the way around your dog's neck. Hold the tape measure loosely.
  • Use the "two-finger rule."

Once you have done the measuring for pet pajamas, and before you purchase said pajamas, read the label for care, sizing, and material content. It is also a good idea to purchase slide-on or button-on pajamas.

To shop for the best pet pajamas available, check out our wide selectionof pajamas for your furry friends.