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February 04, 2022

Halloween is amazing. All the candy, the fun and scary movies, but most of all the costumes. It seems to be the only socially acceptable time of year that you get to dress up in something crazy. Unless you have a dog. Then, you get to dress them up whenever you want and live vicariously through their freedom from societal norms. Or just admire how cute they look and take a ton of pictures. Here are some excuses, or occasions, to dress up your pooch.


Let's get the obvious out of the way in a classic way. This Dogula (Dracula) costume is easy to put on and remove with adjustable velcro fasteners. Or if that is too scary, this witch costume is black with pink, and has a LED lighted skirt. It is hand washable, with a removable LED portion. If you, like many others, have more than one pup, then why not dress up one as a cowboy, and the others as their little cow herd because group costumes are the best. You can even coordinate your own costume with theirs and be the flower to their bee; or a brave lion tamer and a ferocious man eating lion


Christmas is another popular holiday to dress your dog up. Usually it is little sweaters, or dresses, and tiny bow ties. Don't misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with that. But why not dress your fur-baby up as a cute Christmas tree with ornaments, and trim? Or even as one of Santa's elves? That's sure to get everyone on Santa's nice list.


Easter presents the same issue as Christmas does. Everyone dressed their Easter best, but you can do one better and dress them up as in this adorable pink Easter Bunny costume, or even this Bunny Hop hoodie. Fluffy cotton tails included. If you are looking for something that can be reused for Halloween, this White Rabbit costume is the perfect solution. It is also ideal for the yearly celebration of the original publication of Alice and Wonderland every November 26th. 

Regular Days

There are all kinds of costumes to dress your dog in. There is literally no law that says you can't dress them, or yourself up any day of the week. If you feel so inclined you could have a movie marathon with this Hipster Wizard Scarf, or this Indiana Bones costume. Or dress your pup as a cheerleader for sporting events.

Whether it is for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or any day in between, every season has a good reason to wear a costume and if it doesn't then just create one. Find reasons to have fun with your pet, take pictures, and create memories with your furry family members.