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January 24, 2022

Our four-legged furry babies are the light of our lives. So, why not tell them "I'm glad you are here another year" by throwing them the birthday party they deserve. Here is a helpful checklist to ensure your puppy party is the bark of the town. 

  • Cake and Cupcakes

Everyone goes to the party for the cake, to either eat it or judge it. So, make sure your fur-baby's cake is not found lacking with this adorable Sock Monkey Cake. It can be personalized with up to 30 characters, which is just enough to say Happy Birthday Sprinkle Pants! And it comes with a candle. Don't forget the pupcakes for the guests. Both the cake, and the pupcakes are completely dog friendly, and tasty for them. 

  • Ice Cream

Every cake needs ice cream. This Hoggin Dogs ice cream mix variety pack is perfect for a party or a Wednesday Night. It comes with 4 classic flavors: Banana, peanut, bacon, and cheese and has no added sugar. It is the perfect choice for any attending puppers with food sensitivities since it contains no soy, grains, or corn.

  • Party Hats

It is entirely possible that party hats aren't absolutely necessary for a fantastic party. However, can we take a second to think about how cute these will look on all the dog guests before we say you don't need them? Just think of the pictures. They are available in 5 different patterns to match any theme, and feature a toggle adjustment for the under the chin bands. 

  • Birthday Outfit

Whether they are the Birthday Boy, Birthday Girl, or you choose to go with something more neutral, they deserve a new outfit to look their best. We highly recommend buying them a fun birthday bandana to protect their new birthday outfit from their birthday cake. 

  • Presents

Everything mentioned up to this point has been decidedly birthday themed. However, it is my opinion that presents should be relevant year round. So, even though these birthday themed squeaky toys are adorable, there is also the option of these fuzzy plush toys that come in 3 bright color options, or even this TriangleRing that is more durable for the less gentle dog.

This is just one possible way to celebrate another year with our furriest family members. And as we all know, they deserve the world. What is most important isn't the cake, or the presents, it is being with the people that love them (but who doesn't want cake and presents?). They would be just as happy to hang out, watch a movie, and eat ice cream with their people. Everything else is just a bonus.