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November 09, 2021

When your pets are your babies. you want to spoil them. Considering that pet owners literally spend millions of dollars on their pets every year, it's obvious that a lot of pets already live a posh life. However, if you think your pet doesn't and couldn't possibly have enough luxury items, consider purchasing some luxury and haute couture blankets.

The Fabrics

Luxury and couture blankets for your pets make you wish you could snuggle up to them on or under their blankets with them. That is because these blankets are made of the finest fabrics. Many are ultra-soft, very plush, and so cozy because they retain body heat very well.

If your pets can't snuggle right up next to you at night or during the day, these blankets are the next best thing. Along with the fabrics, some blankets double as pillows, include a naptime plush toy, and/or an extra special pet-sized hot water bottle to keep them extra cozy while they snooze.

The Name Brands and Designers

You're not in the know if you don't know the names of some of the top designers for couture pet blankets. Oscar Newman is one such designer. Susan Lanci is another. Silent owners of popular pet couture products include brands like Louisdog and Luna Blue. Any one of these offers some of the most priceless luxury blankets with which to spoil your fur babies.

The Styles

There is a wide range of styles for couture pet blankets. From the silky and frilly to the plush and cozy, you are sure to find a style that suits your pets. Just watch them now and see what blankets they tend to hoard for themselves.

Then find the luxury blankets that match the fabrics of the blankets they already love. Dogs may be featured in advertising for these products, but cats can use them too. You just have to find something your cats like.

The Patterns and Colors

Patterns and colors depend on the designer and brand name. For example, Oscar Newman leans toward earthy colors and patterns of checkerboard or solids. Occasionally he offers something cute like the pink or powder blue blankets for puppies, but his palette doesn't stray much further. Susan Lanci is currently in love with faux animal fur prints like chinchilla gray or brown and cream, or leopard print with Sherpa pink backing. Luna Blue is currently using very cute quilted looks with country colors of blues, turquoise and pink with an occasional brown or taupe.


As if price were any object when you it comes to your cat or dog, but you probably still want to keep track of the final bill while you shop. Most of these lovely luxury blankets fall within the $60 to $90 range, but some larger luxury blankets for bigger dots might cost a little bit more. However, these prices are still within reason when you stop to consider that they are couture products.