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November 10, 2021

Pet apparel is nothing new, and for pet apparel in 2021, you can look forward to many fun and trendy styles and colors to keep your pet happy-even in the rain. Pet apparel isn't just a fun way to dress up your pet, but it actually has a few great, practical benefits as well.

Free Up Your Hands

If your dog has a raincoat, you won't have to hold out an umbrella to try to keep them dry or worry about drying them off once you’re back home (not to mention the wet dog smell!). It frees up your hands and is much more effective so you can focus on your time together. This is a huge bonus as trying to hold a leash and an umbrella can make for a long and difficult walk in the rain!

Short-Haired Dogs Need a Little Extra TLC

A raincoat is especially important if your dog has short hair because they are more prone to getting a chill when wet, than are dogs with a thicker outer coat to protect them. If they are a small breed, they will appreciate the extra layer since they tend to get a chill more easily than their bigger canine cousins.

Stay Dry and Healthy

Just as a raincoat keeps your clothes warm and dry when it's pouring outside, a raincoat for dogs also keeps them dry and happy.

Raincoats also help keep you and your pooch healthy, as wearing one prevents you from becoming too cold and susceptible to catching a cold. A raincoat is literally a protective layer against the elements.

If you have a dog that suffers from arthritis or is advanced in years, they are likely more susceptible to illness due to lower immunity. A raincoat for dogs will help your canine to regulate their body temperature more accurately so they can stay comfortable.

(Image Credit: Pet Life Today)

It's Easy to Dress Your Dog For Comfort and Style

There are plenty of raincoats and pet apparel for 2021, so it's easy to find the perfect size and, yes, even color of raincoat for your dog. You want it to be snug but not too tight without shifting around when your pooch walks. If it is uncomfortable, your dog won't want to wear it, even if it's for their own good, and putting it on may likely become a struggle.

Some raincoats will be lined while others will not. You may want to get both styles so you can use the warmer one in cold, wet weather and the lighter one for warmer days. You don't want their raincoat to be uncomfortably hot.

Walking your furry pal should be enjoyable, and a raincoat can make that daily walk in the rain a little more inviting. So if your dog doesn't seem very thrilled to go on a walk with you, be sure to dress your furry companion in the proper gear before heading out. Check out Pawpurrsfor a wide variety of raincoats that are sure to suit your dog’s unique style.