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CocoTherapy Coco-Carnivore Freeze Dried Meatballs Dog & Cat Treats – Chicken, Basil & Coconut

CocoTherapy Coco-Carnivore Meatballs Dog & Cat Treats are raising the bar beyond the common meat dog & cat treat! Organic Coconut MEAT Treats for Dogs and Cats, made with organic CocoTherapy Coconut Chips.

The ultimate freeze-dried, RAW meat treat, Coco-Carnivore Meatballs™ are for the meat lover connoisseur. CocoTherapy wanted to make freeze-dried meat treats that were not only delicious, but super healthy for our pets. This meant that  only meats that are antibiotic-free, hormone-free, and Non-GMO are used in making these treats!

CocoTherapy also wanted to make sure the meats were humanely raised and ethically produced, sourced from USA farmers and producers. Then they added the extra health benefits of super-foods from fruits, vegetables, herbs, plus their own CocoTherapy Coconut Chips!

Coco-Carnivore Meatballs are:

 Grain & gluten free
Raw & freeze-dried
 No preservatives, colors, or flavors
 Humanely raised and ethically produced

Made with the finest ingredients: 

 100% Human-grade ingredients
 Made with organic CocoTherapy Coconut Chips
 No by-products
 Sourced from USA farmers and producers

 Chicken + Basil + Coconut flavor: Chicken, basil, organic coconut chips

Net Weight:  2.5 oz (70g) resealable pouch.


Availability:  Usually ships in 7-10 business days.