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Red Dingo


Dog House Pet ID Tag

Stainless Steel

The Dog House ID Tag allows you to choose from flat stainless steel or flat brass id tag for your pet. All tags are supplied with a stainless steel attaching ring.

The more information to be engraved, the smaller and harder the text will be to read. Each number, letter and space counts as one character. For example, "MY ID TAG" is equal to 9 characters. - Engraving is in ALL CAPS (no lower case letters) - Phone numbers are in dashed format (555-555-1234) - Cannot engrave the ampersand sign "&"

Small: 20mm or 0.8", CAN ONLY FIT 2 LINES OF TEXT; recommend up to 12 characters per line

Medium: 30mm or 1.25"; recommend up to 16 characters per line

Large: 38mm or 1.5"; recommend up to 19 characters per line

NOTE: this engraved item cannot be returned or exchanged.

**Brass tarnishes and required regular polishing.  Red Dingo will not replace tarnished tags.*

Availability: usually ships in 7-14 business days