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Monster Walker (Mini)


The Mini MONSTER WALKER by is the ideal dog walking leash for the pets that really pull. Designed for dogs under 20 lbs., the simple non-choke design allows you to apply ‘safe’ pressure to your pet’s belly and not their neck-allowing you to easily control the most enthusiastic of pooches without harming them. Finally...control the monster in your dog!

Monster Walker Easy Set-Up:

1. Wrap leash around dog’s belly.

2. Thread handle and clip through metal ring.

3. Attach clip to the collar.

4. Adjust belly band for comfort.

5. Leash should be positioned along dog’s back, with belly strap in front of groin.

6. When your dog starts pulling, the leash contracts around the belly-stopping the dog in its tracks!

7. Now, enjoy walking your pal...

Availability: Usually ships in 3-10 business days.