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Alcott Adventures


Water Adventure Dog Life Jacket - Neon Yellow


Most dogs are naturally good swimmers, but there’s no harm in making it a bit easier for them and less stressful for you with the Water Adventure Mariner Dog Life Jacket. The bright neon yellow jacket is easy to see in the water and its floating chin support will help your dog keep his head above the water while doggy paddling!

The alcott Water Adventure Mariner Dog Life Jacket is designed for fun and safety during all of your adventures in and around water. Its contoured design provides both comfort and security. It features adjustable straps, reflective accents, velcro closures, neoprene underbelly, quick release buckles and a top handle so that you can provide extra support and guidance when necessary. The front floating pad will help keep your dog's head above water. The alcott Water Adventure Mariner Dog Life Jacket is constructed with durable, quick-drying materials. 

Features + Benefits:

  • Reflective trim + accents
  • Floating Chin Support
  • Integrated Support Handle
  • Quick Drying Materials
  • Wash by Hand with Mild Soap


  • Small - length 10", chest 13-17", waist 14-18"
  • Medium - length 12", chest 17-22", waist 18-24"
  • Large - length 14", chest 22-26", waist 24-32"
  • X-Large - length 18", chest 26-32, waist 32-38"

Availability:  Usually ships in 7-14 business days.

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