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Chilly Dog


White & Red Wool Scarf


The latest accessory in haute hound wear has got to be the Chilly Dog White and Red Wool Dog Scarf.  Whether you are dressing up your pup for the holidays or donning your doggy with winter wearables, this 100% wool scarf is paws-itivly perfect. Fun and functional, your pup will be toasty and trendy at the same time.

Why We Love It

Chilly Dog cares not only about pets but also about our world and our environment. They brought livelihoods to a small village in South America, where their handmade pet sweaters are crafted. Growing from four to over 40 artisans, Chilly Dog has made a significant difference in the lives of the people who work for them. That sort of thing matters!

Best of all, their sweaters are hand-knit and 100% wool. The dyes used for the wool items come from plants and are totally natural. Even the sheep who provide the wool live great lives and are mostly free range. Because the natural wool is not treated with chemicals, the sweaters are both warm and dogs love them on their bodies. Chilly Dogs use NO wasteful, useless plastic packaging, ever. No electricity is used to knit the sweaters they provide. Chilly Dog Sweaters are among the finest eco-friendly hand-knit dog sweaters.

Availability:  Usually ships in 3-10 business days.