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November 02, 2021

Why would you want to prevent your dog from peeing in the park or the street? Isn't this something dogs need to do? The answer is both yes and no. When you introduce a new puppy into your family, they need to be toilet trained; similarly, older dogs may not be able to reach the garden on time – the solution is a belly band. 

What are Belly Bands? 

In the training stage, dogs sometimes pee in undesirable places, like corners of the house or outside on the street. You may also want to prevent your dog from marking territory or protect an incontinent older dog.

This is where belly bands can help. A belly band wraps around the waist of your dog and prevents leaks and peeing with a special liner. The type of the belly band will differ depending on whether your dog is male or female. You can buy belly bands from specialist sellers.

How to use a Belly Band 

A belly band is a simple device that fits onto your dog; it simply wraps around your dog's body and secures, a bit like a dog coat. The difference is your dog won't be able to pee in the normal way. It doesn't restrict the peeing; it only stops it from leaking. 

It's important to remember that the belly band is not a solution to prevent your dog from peeing everywhere; rather, it is a tool that helps to train them for the house or park. When finished, the liner should be carefully removed – the belly band design makes this relatively easy. 

Taking Care of Your Belly Band 

Belly bands bought from a resputable retailer are easy to care for; they are usually machine washable and long-lasting. But it's important you keep the belly band clean at all times – especially for incontinent dogs – as the dogs don't respond well to odours. 

You should also be careful about when you use the belly band; you should always be in full supervision of your dog. The belly band is not a natural thing for your dog to wear, and they may become uncomfortable. The belly band might also snag or leak. 

Understand Your Dog 

Whether your dog is just a puppy or an older dog with incontinent issues, accidents can be tough to deal with and embarrassing for you. Remember what your dog is going through, and introduce the belly band with kindness. 

You want your dog to know that you don't mean them any harm or ill intention with the belly band. Encourage them by offering them a treat to wear it, maybe just at the beginning. You will find the belly band can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. 

To sum up 

A belly band is a brilliant way to toilet train your puppy or protect your older dog from accidents and embarrassments. The belly band is super easy to fit and works well to prevent peeing and leaking. The lining is also easy to remove, and the belly band is fully machine washable.